2020-21 Strategic Plan and Budget Priorities

Strategic Plan Priorities

  • Create a learning framework that articulates the FCPS Portrait of a Graduate and establish a system to assess the competencies, as well as the overarching goals of Inspire 2025.
  • Identify and implement instruction that engages all students in broader, deeper learning experiences, integrates our Portrait of a Graduate competencies, and cultivates student interests and passions.
  • Engage all students through academic and social-emotional learning experiences supported by strategic and purposeful partnerships. Connect with all families by strengthening two-way communications, relationships and family engagement.
  • Improve safety and security in all buildings.
  • Display stewardship of environment and sustainability features in all facilities while also considering enrollment growth.
  • Design facilities that are flexible, adaptable and aimed at student-centered learning experiences.
  • Nurture a culture of continuous professional learning to refine and expand professional practice and support student growth and development.

Budget Priorities

  • Instructional initiatives and professional learning to address increased accountability, improve student achievement, address student needs and reflect student voice.
  • Compensation packages (salaries, benefits and professional learning) that enable the recruitment and retention of high quality staff.
  • Operational funding to address preservation of assets (facility maintenance), replacement school buses, safety and environmental enhancements, and aging infrastructure/systems.

Approved by the School Board on November 6, 2019.