Police Drug Dogs

Frederick County Public Schools seeks to maintain a safe and orderly environment in all schools. In an effort to deter the presence of illegal substances at Frederick County Public Schools, the schools in conjunction with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office will conduct random drug searches of occupied school buildings. These searches will consist of several teams of trained police officers using drug-sniffing dogs. The dogs possess a passive disposition and will be utilized in searches of both the building and parking areas. The criteria and procedures below will be followed in the event of a search.
  1. Drug searches will be conducted randomly and without public warning. The administration will be notified immediately preceding the search.
  2. Upon notification from the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee, the principal will notify all persons occupying the building via the public address system that building is to be secured in a modified lock-down.
  3. The only persons occupying the halls should be law enforcement personnel and administrators. Any persons not assigned to a classroom at the time of the announcement should report to the library or office and remain there until further notice.
  4. Teachers must account for all students, keep students in class, and close the classroom doors.
  5. Teachers are to continue with instruction.
  6. The administrators will supervise the following locations and will assist law enforcement officials.
  7. If dog indicates a hit on a locker, the administration will place a lock securing that locker until it can be searched.
  8. Search of locker and student interview conducted by administrator(s).
  9. At the conclusion of the search, staff members will be given instructions from the administration to resume normal activities.